In partnership with Guard®, Libra Sport focuses on innovating and developing fabrics in-house, to ensure women the latest in textile and sportswear technology. We focus on incorporating cooling technology, fast dry solutions and UPF 50+ protection – all Oeko-Tex certified.


Libra Sport aims to improve women’s performance by incorporating high-tech automation and the latest in sportswear innovation. With a fully integrated solution, Libra Sport produces everything from the high-performance fabrics to the sportswear products sent to your doorstep. Each sports garment is carefully engineered with the founders high experience in fabric technology combined with sports features designed by the female athletes we collaborate with.


Using the finest yarn counts and high gauge machinery the only of its kind in the MENA region, Libra is able to develop the lightest weight nylon fabrics with high Lycra™ content in order to ensure swift, multi-directional movement. With modesty as our priority we ensure the fabrics are super light but never transparent.

All Libra sportswear products are sewn by Egyptian women for women. To ensure each person is treated and appraised according to international humanitarian standards, Libra Sport works with factories that have been approved by the Business Social and Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

From fabric to garment, our entire manufacturing process is closely regulated in Egypt. All fabrics are certified with Oeko Tex Level II meaning there all raw materials are non harmful to the skin and tested throughout the production processes.